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CooliceHost announcing new DC2 USA Server Upgrade

Accelerated Nginx Hosting
We are excited to inform you that at 4:00АM on Saturday, May 25, 2024 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) we have migrated our DC2 USA server ( https://coolicehost.com/web-hosting.html ) to a new home datacenter location in Oregon USA. This migration will bring several benefits for our customers, including the...
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What is Data Migration?

big data
Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system, storage, or format to another. It involves moving or copying data from a source system or location to a target system or location, typically with the goal of upgrading or consolidating systems, implementing new technology, or improving...
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New webmail client RainLoop has been integrated

RainPool Web Based Application
CooliceHost has been integrated new web-base mail client called RainLoop for its customers, giving them the ability to: Preview their attachments without downloading them (in the new tab of the browser) Fast and easy navigate through all of their mails thanks to the with it clear and simple...
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CooliceHost.com Private Cloud

During the lock down we decided to bring our hosting infrastructure setup into 2020 and here is the result: A Private Cloud, 16 nodes,  224 vCPU, 1TB+ RAM…   Our cloud setup is designed with 3 main goals: Quick Failover to reserve servers located in remote data center...
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