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AMD Ryzen™ Virtual Cores for Our Cloud Hosting

AMD Ryzen™ Virtual Cores

AMD Ryzen™ Virtual Cores supporting your hosting – best combination if your web-based Apps are written in PHP.

Well-known fact is that supercomputers and modern data centers rely on AMD EPYC™ server processors, because of their smaller, cost-efficient infrastructure and performance. As a hosting provider CooliceHost also relies on AMD Ryzen for its cloud hosting plans.

What exactly AMD Ryzen™ processors can offer in our servers?

  • Integrated data protection feature
  • Up to 16 Zen3 cores
  • Amazing power efficiency when it comes to loading and  idling
  • Up to 4.9Ghz max boost clock speeds

What makes ADM a smart choice when it comes to dedicated hosting environment?

E-commerce Platforms – AMD Ryzen helps small and medium-sized business (SMB) to run their e-commerce platforms and web hosting solutions stable and without any interruptions when it comes to performance and digital transformation.

Code Development and Deployment – Long compile times are typically experienced by software engineers who run large applications. It refers to multithreaded process and the outstanding core density. AMD Ryzen processors reduce the compiling and deploying processes, which saves time and prevent the overloading of other resources.

Multi Cloud Gaming – AMD provides one of the best gaming platforms. AMD Ryzen can offer its users world’s highest rated gaming processor. Thanks to broad server ecosystem this processor gives more speed and smooth operation of all process. Beneficial for user experience and server overloading.

Content Creation – No matter if you write / update a large database, edit complex graphic file or work on multimedia files, with AMD you will definitely save time and efforts. Things happen quicker and stable.

Low-cost VPS with better performance – AMD Ryzen processors can be well-integrated in VPSs, VDSs, Dedicated servers and give superuser-level access to all of their customers. About 16 customers can be hosted on a single processor thanks to its up to 16 physical cores per socket.

Reasons to believe in the performance of AMD

high-performance coresADM has leadership indicators expressed in its up to 16 high-performance cores for powerful parallel processing and market differentiation, better support for low-threaded applications thanks to high frequency cores, and speeding up I/O for fast storage needs.

enabled error correction code memory (ECC memory)Suitable with server platforms thanks to the enabled error correction code memory (ECC memory) and remote management. It is also a standard density-optimized platform for better rack integrations and protects your data in-use with its AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) memory encryption.

Maximum efficiencyAnother benefit is the low TCO (Total cost of ownership). With its low-cost infrastructure customers get the most of their money. Maximum efficiency built-up in an Innovative chiplet processor design. When we talk about Green, we can mentioned the CPU TDPs (Thermal design power) as low as 65W helping reduce power usage, support sustainability efforts, and optimize rack utilization.

Maximum performance in a small packages

AMD Ryzen™ processors offer endless possibilities for their users. They can handle heavy processes no matter your are playing resource-eating game, importing / exporting huge databases, or even editing large files in real time. All of there operations happen within a small hardware workstation setups.

amd processors

AMD’s Security Built-In Features

AMD Ryzen™ processors give the ability to protect your sensitive data on another level. Threats and issues like downtime, sophisticated attacks, and reduce resource drain are already taken in mind. The next generation solutions are modern, multi-layered approach to security, that best serves the users’ needs.

What features are included in AMD Ryzen™ hosting processors?

  • Integrated AMD secure processor
  • AES-128 encryption key for memory protection
  • Secure Boot / UEFI Secure Boot
  • Memory Confidentiality
  • NIST-SP-800-90 Compliance

AMD continues to implement new security features at the core of its “Zen” Architecture. If you have already noticed some of the CooliceHost Cloud Hosting plans are named with Zen word (zen3.coolice.host). A good example for architecture of the Ryzen 5000 series (Zen 3) includes a Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) providing protection against ROP (Return-oriented programming) attacks.

What else you need to know about AMD?

Over the years it has always been a CPU race between the two giants – AMD vs Intel. In the last few year that race became in a CPU dominance battle where the leader wins all. Why? Because nowadays we have much more complex applications, big data, and non-stopping processes. And we want to have all running smoothly and stable on a reasonable price.

Well known fact is that Intel’s processors have historically outdone AMD processors in single-core raw power, meaning that AMD’s CPUs have made significant improvements in their core count and threads, and outsold its competition as a result, when it comes to multi-core performance. This benefit is maybe the main reason why AMD is one great solution not only for gaming, but also for setuping a stable, well-running dedicated hosting, where unstoppable process are every-day scenario.

Four years ago the game was really different form the one we are playing now….literally. At that time AMD’s team was mainly targeting the PC gamers by using different color schemes. Thanks to that they came up with their Ryzen which is now one of the game changer not only in gaming, but in the enterprise field.

Intel is mush more recognizable brand, we could say that they are the Mercedes in microprocessors market, while AMD offers more value in their processors, but in the end we choose the one that will do the job best for us. The processor companies are untouchable market leaders and develop different technologies, but we need to know that Intel uses LGA1200 sockets for their processors while Ryzen chips rely on AM4 sockets. In other words – AMD components such as motherboards must be chosen accordingly, ether way they will be incompatible and your setup will be probably not effective as you plan it to be.

Happy for us, both titans AMD and Intel offer a wide range of CPUs in order to meet all applications requirements.

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