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The future of the web is here and its name is HTTP/2

Some of the leading web browsers has begin to support HTTP/2, which is about to conquer the web, along with Akamai, Chrome, FF and others. But why is all of this so important that we decided to post it on our blog?


HTTP Timeline

Well let’s take a look at the situation objectively. All of us know that while the web is evolving and developing everyday for the past twenty and more years, its driver HTTP did not develop at all. Some of the best web developers in the world had tried to work on improving HTTP, but they failed miserably.

Performance was low and the consumption of resources increased. But HTTP/2 will attempt to solve all of those problems and mistakes.

HTTP/2 has a lot of benefits that HTTP does not. Here are some of them:

With HTTP/2 you can rapidly send requests on the same connection. You can also choose which resource is more important. There will also be no need to change your web page to ensure better work quality.

A lot of companies started to look for a benefit form HTTP/2 But first they should think about what kind of an investment are they going to make. Otherwise they won’t take full advantage of HTTP/2. And they are:

  • Applications that are running through HTTP/2 will improve their performance. This is important for companies that are thinking of moving to TLS.
  • Applications should be made with a TCP layer implemented to account for the switch from multiple TCP connections to a single long-lived one, especially when adjusting the congestion window in response to packet loss.
  • There is no need to undo any applications from HTTP, it can cause a sub-optimization
  • Applications that share specifically designed to take advantage of the new server push capabilities in HTTP/2 must be carefully designed to balance performance and utility.

If you want to get a review on how your web site is going to perform on HTTP/2 do an experiment on SPDY/3.1 platform. You will see exactly how well your applications or website is going to perform.

Another important think you need to know is that most browsers will stop supporting SPDY/3.1 the minute HTTP/2 is ready to step up.

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