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What is LiteSpeed and How Does it Help?

litespeedtech logoLiteSpeed Web Server or LSWS is a recently released web server that has skyrocketed in popularity within a short time. It now ranks 4th in the list of most popular web servers. It is also the top commercial web server as of today.

What is LSWS?

LSWS is an Apache drop-in replacement that provides top caliber performance. This web server is fully compatible with widely used features of Apache, such as htaccess, mod_security, and mod_rewrite. The LiteSpeed Web Server has the ability to directly load the configuration files of Apache. Apache that has hosting control panels can also use LSWS as a drop-in replacement, which replaces Apache in 15 minutes or less, without any downtime. The LiteSpeed Web Server can replace all the functions of Apache, simplify use, and make the transition run smoothly and effortlessly.

Existing Apache servers can easily be replaced by LSWS without making any changes in the details of the operating system or other programs. There is also very little risk of breaking anything during the switch. By using LiteSpeed Web Server, a major bottleneck in an existing web-hosting platform can be easily managed and replaced. The features are comprehensive and the administration console is very easy to use and navigate. This web server is very handy in managing the challenges that come with deploying effective web hosting infrastructure.

What are the benefits of using LSWS?

LiteSpeed Web Server has a streamlined architecture that is event-driven. It can effectively serve numerous clients at the same time and take up minimal memory space and CPU usage.

More functions

This web server has highly optimized code that can allow it to rapidly serve static content and take advantage of high performance kernel syscalls. The servers of LSWS can provide service to more users and effectively handle traffic spikes while simultaneously neutralizing DDoS attacks—all without the need to use new hardware.

More secure

LSWS is compatible with mod_security. It also has numerous built-in features for anti-DDoS such as connection and bandwidth throttling. The team behind LSWS is also constantly working to address the newest security issues plaguing the Internet, such as SSL BEAST attacks. They release their security updates as soon as the new attack becomes known.

Less expensive

LSWS also helps reduce support and hardware costs. The licensing cost of LiteSpeed is generally much lower than those of hardware upgrades that are required to obtain the same results when using Apache.

Switching to LSWS is quick and hassle-free. It does not require making any major changes and it can be up and running in no time. This translates into lower support costs when making the switch. Furthermore, websites can keep their hosting control panels and interface that the website and their technicians are more familiar with. This further lessens support costs and makes the shift easier on everyone. There is no need to change interfaces and control panels. And with all this support, LSWS relieves the website of the problems caused by overloaded servers.

More profit

Added profit comes from increased performance and improved efficiency. The lowered cost of hardware and support also ensures more profit and less expenditure, whether for a site administrator that has to rapidly serve traffic or for hosting providers wanting to increase density.

Some people may argue that shifting to LiteSpeed Web Server is expensive. However, it pays to look at the situation and assess it beyond the initial cost of LSWS switching. Isn’t there more to lose by not switching to LSWS? With all of the problems and inconveniences it was designed to solve, LSWS makes things much better and more efficient, which will generate more traffic and profits in the long run. The investment may be considered a bit costly, but the results are worth more than the initial investment value.

What are the available editions?

There are 3 available editions of LiteSpeed Web Server:

OpenLiteSpeed edition is generally intended for use in websites that experience large volumes of user/visitor/customer traffic. It is an open source edition and available for free for commercial as well as personal use. However, this edition has compatibility issues with hosting control panels.

Standard edition is intended for use in websites that have small, low traffic volumes. This is compatible for use with DirectAdmin, WHM/cPanel, and other similar hosting control panels. This is also a free edition and available for use for commercial or personal purposes.

Enterprise edition is designed for large websites that have high traffic volumes. This edition is fully compatible with any hosting control panels. This is widely used among the leading web hosting organizations throughout the Internet. The main reason is that this LSWS edition allows the web hosting organizations to provide top quality web hosting experience to all their clients. This Enterprise edition comes with the highest level of stability. It is also supported by cPanel. LiteSpeed Web Server also smoothly integrates with DirectAdmin control panel.

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