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LiteSpeed Web Server for Better Performance

From the time of its introduction in 2002, LiteSpeed Web Server has become one of the fastest responding software for web service. Over a million servers have already installed this. Its popularity is still increasing as more people learn of its many features and the advantages it offers.

One of the key advantages of LiteSpeed Web Server is that it is a great alternative for Apache servers, combined with a third party hosting control panel. LiteSpeed hosting has full compatibility features with all the configurations in Apache. Aside from functioning as an Apache replacement, LiteSpeed also improves performance. And as a huge bonus feature, LiteSpeed improves security of websites.

Main Features That Boost Performance

Superior performance can be expected from LiteSpeed. Whether for scalability or for raw speed, LiteSpeed leads the pack. This web hosting software works faster in serving PHP contents, unlike the much slower Apache. It is also the best choice of web hosting platform for Drupal-, WordPress- and Joomla-based websites because it efficiently and easily improves the security and performance of PHPs.

3 Key features that ensure better performance:

Compatibility with Apache

Apache is extensively used in the Internet. Replacing it is a huge challenge because the slightest incompatibility can lead to disastrous results in terms of site security and performance. LiteSpeed smoothly replaces Apache and greatly improves site functions, features, and performance. It is compatible with Apache’s features like mod_security, mod_rewrite, and htaccess. Replacement is hitch-free, requiring no additional hardware or software. LiteSpeed loads Apache configuration files while working as an Apache replacement. It is also fully compatible with leading third party hosting control panels like Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Cpanel.

Scalability and Performance

The unique architecture of LiteSpeed Web Server is event-driven. This increases the scalability and performance of platforms for web hosting. This architecture allows for simultaneously serving numerous clients, numbering to thousands at a time while maintaining minimal usage of resources like CPU and memory. LiteSpeed’s code is uniquely optimized and developed, allowing for increased performance of PHP. This code also allows for faster serving of static websites.

Another great feature is LiteSpeed’s excellent capability to handle any sudden spikes in site traffic. It also efficiently manages DDoS attacks without requiring any DDoS mitigation hardware.


This has become a concern among website owners in recent years. Attacks are becoming more and more frequent and damaging. Some attacks may be as simple as slowing down site functions while some can be more serious such as preventing access to sites.

Apache addresses security concerns with its mod_security feature. LiteSpeed is fully compatible with this feature and can efficiently run its function. It fully allows the rules of mod_security to run without requiring any modifications. This effectively stops any attacks exploiting site vulnerabilities.

Higher security is also provided. LiteSpeed has a highly efficient request filtering engine that comes with minimum overhead. The security given to PHP is of top caliber without sacrificing any of PHP’s flexibility or performance.

In addition, LiteSpeed comes with a built-in anti-DDoS capability. There are also customizable features like request, bandwidth throttling, and per-IP connections. These block any IPs that ask or request for too much bandwidth or make too many connections.

This effectively stops any potential attackers before the server is overrun.


Shifting from Apache to LiteSpeed is cost-effective. First, its support costs are lower because it has only minimal requirements for efficient and effective shifting. Interfaces also do not need to be changed, which further reduces support costs. The unique features of LiteSpeed provide a secure, optimized, and stable hosting platform. This allows administrators and support technicians to be more confident and not be troubled by the threat of an overloaded server. Licensing cost is also much lower than the cost of acquiring hardware necessary for updating Apache servers.

More Features

Aside from the 3 main features that improve performance, there are still more features worth noting about LiteSpeed. The most notable ones include the following:

  • Hosting capabilities are very fast. It is 10 times faster than Apache servers. Of all available hosting software, LiteSpeed is the only one that can seamlessly function with control panels originally meant for Apache.
  • Compatible with several hosting control panels like LxAdmin, H-Sphere, ISPConfig, and so much more
  • Hosting’s PHP performance is 50% faster compared to mod_php in Apache. It also works better than phpsuexec and suphp. LiteSpeed hosting is also fully supportive of PHP4 and PHP5 and not compromising anything with Apache.
  • LiteSpeed has a very efficient engine that allows for rewriting. This allows for rewriting the rules that were configured within the htaccess file.
  • Hosting environments require htaccess support and many of the popular applications on the web depend on this vital feature. This allows users to change the configuration of the web server without having to access the main configuration files. LiteSpeed offers this as well.

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