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Advantages of Nginx Magento Hosting

Magento plus nginx

Apache is the most popular server among users for fast Magento Hosting. Apache has serverd a large amount of the popular sites on the internet such as: Wikipedia, Youtube and Facebook. All those sites are using this server, because it has proven itself, to be secure and stable.

But there is a server that is just as good as Apche, if not even better, and its name is – Nginx. Nginx is a high performance server that was created by the Russian Igor Sysoev in 2004. This server was first created for one of the largest sites in Russia – www.rambler.ru

In the early 2008 Nginx was also used in some of the sites based in US also including the platform WordPress. As of now Nginx is the fourth server in popularity behind Apache, IIS and GFE.

But tests that were done on both Apache and Nginx are showing that Nginx is better, as the server finished more requests than Apache for a short period of time, and that Nginx is using less memory than Apache to do the same tasks.

You can learn more about Nginx from our article – Why choose Nginx and not Apache?

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