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NGINX & Varnish PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop or as it was called originally phpOpenStore is a free platform for online stores creation. The platform started out as a project in a school in Paris, France in 2005, now the system is being used by over 200 000 shops worldwide.

As first the system was working only with English and French language, but soon was translated to 13 more languages. As of today the system is available in 60 different languages.

NGINX & Varnish PrestaShop Hosting

The system provides its clients with a responsive theme which can be changed later by the owner of the shop without changing its content.

As far as modules are concerned, users can install them through administration panel.

So, it’s free and its interface is easy to use by clients, but how to take up the level of security and performance?

Easy, host it with CooliceHost – the Nginx + Varnish SSD Plans!

By using CooliceHost’s shared SSD hosting platform to host your PrestaShop store you will be placed in your own virtual environment. With this the damage that might occur at some point will be limited and it will not affect the system in any way.

Now, if you want to succeed you need to provide your visitor/client with a fast and stable experience while they are looking through your products. After all the efforts you’ve made to make your shop popular and get people to visit it, you don’t want for them to abandon it just because its not loading as fast as they want right?

If you choose to host on CooliceHost not only that your shop will be more secure, but its performance will increase and people will visit it more often.

CooliceHost is also offering 6 different Geo IP locations in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and Germany as well DDoS protection with every plan. This means that you can place your PrestaShop on the market you want and some DDoS attacks will be taken with now problems.

And you don’t have to worry about anything our system support PrestaShop fully.

As you can see the offer that CooliceHost are making is a good deal. Dynamic data requests are proxied through Varnish, if the same page (without cookie) has been served in the last 120 seconds, the same page is served, the same page (with cookie) has been served in the last few seconds (to the same user) it will resend the same data. This stops multiple F5 presses having to generate the page over and over.

We have the 6 European Geolocalisation which allows us to provide you with:

  • Spanish Nginx PrestaShop Hosting (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia);
  • Italian Nginx PrestaShop Hosting (Rome, Milan, Naples);
  • German Nginx PrestaShop Hosting (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg);
  • French Nginx PrestaShop Hosting (Paris, Marseille, Lyon);
  • British Nginx PrestaShop Hosting (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds);
  • Dutch Nginx PrestaShop Hosting (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague).

Using our fast and secure European network we are able to host your application in any of these 6 European zones.


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