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High Speed and Performance With LiteSpeed Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting servers, LiteSpeed is one of the established market leaders, powering over 6.4 percent of active websites. We’ve already discussed where Litespeed differs from Apache although, now it is time to concentrate only on the LSWS technology.

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed Enterprise is a for-profit proprietary server solution that has complete compatibility with Apache web technology. LSWS, on the other hand, is substantially faster and consumes far fewer server resources. Its enhanced performance turns it into an ideal alternative for high-traffic websites.

LiteSpeed integrates effortlessly with various types of control panels, including Plesk, DirectAdmin, cPanel.

LiteSpeed Advantages

  • 100% compatible with Apache — Because the majority of websites utilize Apache, LiteSpeed’s decision to create a web server that is a simple drop-in alternative was the sensible move to make. System administrators could download LiteSpeed via a single command and only specify the location of the Apache httpd.conf file. The implementation of this setting will lead to websites that previously ran on Apache to also run on LiteSpeed. There are no extra site updates or code modifications required.
  • Highly efficient — LiteSpeed provides information at previously unheard-of speeds while using less CPU and RAM. As a result, it is regarded as one of the server technologies with the highest efficiency. That is especially important if you are the owner of a high-traffic website and don’t want to overspend on unnecessary solutions.
  • Excellent for static content – LiteSpeed is the world’s fastest web server when it comes to static content. According to benchmark results, LSWS has five times the speed of Apache and is approximately 67 percent faster than Nginx.
  • Lightning-fast PHP script processing — LSWS may be the quickest web server for PHP script processing. Because PHP is used by almost every website nowadays, this speed gain is much appreciated. LiteSpeed outperforms Apache’s average server by up to 40 times when it comes to PHP code.
  • Enhanced security — Unlike cost-free web server solutions such as Nginx and Apache, LiteSpeed is primarily offered as commercial software, allowing it to invest more money in key characteristics such as security. LSWS includes a DDoS prevention mechanism while supporting mod security rules to prevent web attacks.

LiteSpeed Disadvantages

The only drawback that LiteSpeed has is its cost. Because it is a proprietary technology, you must pay to host several websites or to equip your server with sufficient CPU and RAM.

That’s not such a big concern because an SSD cloud equipped with LiteSpeed and 2GB of RAM can doubtlessly provide service for thousands of users. CooliceHost Hosting shifts the database activity to another virtual machine when your website grows in popularity and requires more RAM, allowing LiteSpeed to utilize the ram on both servers and manage additional traffic.

When Should I Use LiteSpeed?

You should know several things to maximize the performance from LiteSpeed.

In serving a sole webpage, LiteSpeed performs best. If you want to host numerous projects within the same system, LSWS will make little impact. That’s why LiteSpeed isn’t as effective on shared hosting, where Apache remains supreme.

More than 60% of web pages are built on one of six prominent site-building platforms: OpenCart, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento, and WordPress. WP is the king here, powering about 40% of all sites. If your website runs on any of the platforms listed previously, LiteSpeed is an excellent web server option.

LiteSpeed Integration and Support

Every DirectAdmin Cloud user receives LSWS as part of their CooiceHost Cloud package. Every month our control panel manages to save the user $15 worth of licensing fees. Our DirectAdmin includes full cPanel compatibility, allowing it to run effortlessly on LiteSpeed technology.

The specialists at ColiceHost can download, set up, and administer LSWS for you. We will also take care of your website’s migration to your new cloud plan while also testing it in our environment to ensure its operationality. After that, you may use LiteSpeed’s better security and performance to scale your online project without spending crazy money.

LiteSpeed Cluster

If you have a high-traffic website that has outgrown the capabilities of a single server, you should consider a customized solution – a LiteSpeed cluster. This configuration comprises three levels meant to maintain your pages’ high availability and lightning-fast load times. Down below, you can see how it works:

Layer 1: Load Balancers – we install one or two balancers. If you want to maximize the availability of your website, you should consider the second option. The two load balancers will evenly distribute server requests and manage larger traffic.

Layer 2: LiteSpeed Web Servers – We will have numerous LiteSpeed cloud servers equipped with 2GB RAM on this layer. Each of them includes caching and may serve thousands of visitors per day.

Layer 3: MariaDB Database Servers – We additionally provide you with independent database servers built with the sole purpose of managing table queries on their own.

Using a cluster architecture like this offers limitless scalability and sufficient server resources for exceptionally active sites.

How Can I Get LiteSpeed?

If you have a popular website and would like to step it up with LSWS, please get in touch with us via email or live chat. We will create a one-of-a-kind solution for your project and include a free migration of your data if you have already hosted your project somewhere else.

Final Takes

If you believe that your current Apache configuration is insufficient for your website, LiteSpeed is worth taking into consideration. It is a proprietary server technology that makes a significant impact on dynamic content’s performance and websites generating high amounts of traffic. Each of the top CMSs available on the market works flawlessly with LSWS, resulting in a scalable system that allows continual expansion.


Q: Is LiteSpeed free?

A: LiteSpeed is typically a premium product, although you could obtain a Starter license entirely free. On a 2 GB VPS, you can host one domain and website. There is no expiration date on the license, so you can use it for as long as you like. A 15-day free trial is available with every enterprise and Web ADC.

Q: Is LiteSpeed better than Apache?

A: Despite using the same underlying technology like Apache, LiteSpeed is a better solution in many ways. It provides a significantly faster approach to serving material and is incredibly light regarding server resources. LSWS is also particularly effective against DDoS attacks, allowing it to handle substantially higher loads without impacting site availability.

Q: What is LSCache?

A: LSCache is a tool designed for speeding up content to improve the performance of dynamic websites. That means that any page created with Magento, WordPress, Joomla, or a comparable platform will have ideal performance as well as load times. Numerous web hosting companies that employ the LiteSpeed technology include LSCache as an add-on.

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