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CooliceHost.com Private Cloud

During the lock down we decided to bring our hosting infrastructure setup into 2020 and here is the result:

A Private Cloud, 16 nodes,  224 vCPU, 1TB+ RAM…


Our cloud setup is designed with 3 main goals:

  1. Quick Failover to reserve servers located in remote data center of our hosting nodes.
  2. Quick restore from snapshot of the VMs on the nodes that is not covered by the failover option.
  3. Quick and easy upgrade to next generation of hardware (with downtime equal to a reboot time (about 5 min) when that become available at our price point.

Failover option covers about 80% of our cPanel shared and hybrid hosting servers and 100% of our DirectAdmin shared and hybrid hosting servers in Western Europe and North America.

We are building a separate Private Cloud for our Eastern EU – Bulgaria location and we hope to bring that service online in October.

Our reseller hosting VMs are currently covered by quick snapshot restoration option (H + 2-3 hours vs 10+ hours restoration from OS level backups), but they also on the list to be upgraded to cloud setup.

I hope you enjoy our work in making our service better – without any price increase for the end customers !



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