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CooliceHost.com – New Changes and Updates in 2018

After the major infrastructure update in North America in June, CooliceHost.com, your Boutique hosting provider comes up with a brand new product line. The plans have grown in storage. We have also integrated new features and functionalities. The new updates are available on the servers that are technically prepared to handle those changes, which means that our old customers will benefit from them as well. If there is no such thing in your plan(s), you can ask our support team to move you.

New changes regarding our hosting infrastructure

Coolicehost.com uses over 90% of CloudLinux 7 on its servers (Expecting CloudLinux 6 to be retired soon). Over 79% of Coolicehost servers are with DDR4 ECC RAM, which will be increased in the next few months. And we also use Intel Enterprise SSDs of DC (Data Center) series in order to provide better service to our clients.

New changes regarding our Back-up infrastructure

Dual Redundant Remote Backups have been increased by 14 days, by adding second distance location (you see 2 daily back-ups in your cpanel account), which is several hundred kilometers kilometers from the first one. The reason we did that is to make sure we can react fast if a problems appears.

Our second back-up location is based on the ZFS file system, which will protect bask-ups from bitrot (data rot). This is not common in most systems.

Changed regarding our Webhosting plans

Nginx & Varnish Cache hosting
The plans are updated to:

  • Webmaster Mini – 5 GB Enterprise SSD Space
  • Webmaster – 10 GB Enterprise SSD Spаce
  • Big Dog – 15 GB Enterprise SSD Spаce
  • Big Dog 2 – 25 GB Enterprise SSD Spаce

All of these plans also comes with Unlimited Traffic

CooliceHost hosting plans 2018

LiteSpeed Hosting

In order to fit in the term Accelerated cPanel Hosting we also included new category for you – LiteSpeed Enterprise Webserver Hosting – EU , whish is moved above the LS Startup plan – available permanently. The plans has been increased double. Also, new product from this line is expected soon.

litespeed enerprise webserver hostingHybrid Hosting

New plans with SSD Hybrid plans with LiteSpeed (included DDR4 & Intel DC Enterprise SSD)


For those who want more power and performance we present you again our SSD Hybrid plans with LiteSpeed caching technology – Varnish Cache.


Those plans also come with DR4 and Intel DC Enterprise SSD. You can also take a look at our big plans – 16G and 32G (with 6 vCPU & 8vCPU)

Our team is working on updating the rest of the LiteSpeed Hybrid plans in the next few months, so be patient and wait us for more fresh updates.

North America

In North America are added new Hybrid plans with SSD.


Enjoy it…….

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