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WooCommerce SQL injection vulnerability

Two weeks ago а SQL injection vulnerability in WooCommerce was discovered in version 2.3.5 and the old ones. Just for the record, WooCommerce is installed on over one million WordPress websites and the number increases every single day.



Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-18
Active Installs: 1+ Million

Once the injection was found, the WooCommerce developers were contacted and literally on the same day the bug was removed in their next release of WooCommerce version 2.3.6. The WooCommerce developer team is really fast and responsible, and the results came with no time. You can feel save with this software.

We immediately contacted Woo about the issue and they’ve been incredibly responsive, releasing a fix this morning with their release of WooCommerce version 2.3.6. [Internally we’re actually shocked at how fast this went out. Great team, great product!!]

Our team strongly recommends to upgrade your WooCommerce version to the latest one if you haven’t done it already.

The problem is really strange and it is is an SQL injection vulnerability in the admin panel of the WordPress. The real issue comes in the ‘tax_rate_country’ POST parameter, where passed unescaped into a SQL insert statement. The MySQL server will sleep for about 10 seconds if a payload of tax_rate_country[(SELECT SLEEP(10))] is available.

The vulnerability requires either a Admin or Shop Manager user account, so will need to be in a combination with XSS attack to be exploited.

Must do: You need to upgrade your WooCommerce version 2.3.6 immediately. The fix is there and will be no longer a problem for you and your website.

CooliceHost.com wants to give a big thanks to the the WooCommerce team for fixing the bug, because we host a lot of WooCommerce website and their help and professional dedication are important for our clients and business.


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